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  • Gambling Vocabulary

    When you are inside the casino, it seems that you are in different world. You will notice that people are speaking a different language, especially if you are a novice gambler.

    There are new players saying that the only word they understand is the word "bet", of course this is the most famous word at the casino. Everybody makes a bet, whether it's a small time bet or a high bet.

    Just like in other industries, the casino world has its own vocabulary and jargons. For you not to get confused with people speaking using this weird lingo, we suggest that as early as possible try to learn these words for your own convenience.

    > Action This means the amount of money that players bet. In the game poker, action means the act of putting the money inside the pot.

    > Active player This means that this is the player who is still in the pot.

    > Banker This is the dealer in card games.

    > Bankroll This is the total money of the player that is available for betting.

    > Bet It means wager

    > Black In most casinos the chips that have the color black have the value of $100.

    > Bluff This word is used in poker; players are bluffing when they have a weak hand and pretending to have a strong hand.

    > Card Counting This is the act of keeping track the cards that have been drawn out from the shoe.

    > Card Sharp This is what they call a person who's an expert in card games.

    > Casino Advantage This is the edge that the house has against players.

    > Comps This is the word they use for complimentary gifts; these gifts are given to players. Gifts like free food, free room or free beverages.

    > Deal This is the act of giving out cards during a card game by the dealer to the players.

    > Dollar Bet This means a $100 bet

    > Edge An advantage against other players

    > Even Money This means that your bet came back as you wager it; the payout is at 1:1.

    > Face Cards These are the cards with faces like the jacks, queens and kings.

    > Flat Top This is what they call the slot machines with a fixed jackpot prize.

    > Green This is the usually the color used as the value of $25 chips.

    > Hand This means that the cards that players are holding in a card game.

    > High Roller Player betting high amounts of money.

    > Insurance In blackjack, this means a side bet against the dealer with a possible 21.

    > Jackpot This is the prize you will get from playing slot machines or roulette.

    This is some of the gambling slang you should try to familiarize yourself with. Get acquainted with these words and enjoy your gambling in the casino even more.

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