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  • Casino No-No's: Rules on Casino Violations

    Nobody is perfect. Nobody wins all the games that he plays. Nobody wins all the trophies he competes for. We are bound to make mistakes whether at school, at home or at office. Even on the Casino table, mistakes do happen. You can commit violations on the betting table, and here's what's going to happen if you did commit an offense.

    Misdeal - It is a misdeal if the shuffle or cut is omitted and an opponent of dealer calls attention to the omission before playing any card. In three-hand play, a misdeal loses the right to deal. In two and four-hand play, either opponent may designate which side shall re-deal after a misdeal.

    Incorrect Hand - If the dealer gives an opponent too many cards, that player may face the excess on the table and he must play the next round with a short hand. If a hand has too many cards by reason of failure to play in turn, it must trail in each subsequent turn during that round. If a hand has too few cards due to playing more than one card in a turn, it plays on with a short hand. If the stock is found short in the final round of dealing, the dealer must play on with a short hand.

    Exposed Hands - In two and three-hand play, a player must trail with a card he exposes prematurely, or with which he tries to take in cards illegally. In partnership play, a card named or exposed except by legal play must be left on the table as though the offender had trailed it; he and his partner may never take in. None of the foregoing applies, however, to an exposed card that matches a build previously made by the offender.

    Illegal Play - An illegal play must be corrected on demand made before an opponent plays thereafter.

    Improper Build - If a player makes a build and cannot take it in (either because he lacks the requisite card or because the build does not fit his announcement), his opponent may add one point to his own score or subtract one point from the offender's score.

    Examining Cards - Before the end of play, a player may not examine or count the cards he has taken in except to establish a claim to game. If he violates this rule, opponent may add one point to his own score or subtract one point from the offender's score.

    Now that you already know what will happen when you violate Casino rules, put into heart playing the game honestly. Besides, what matters is not how many times you win the game but how you play it.

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